Comparing iOS and Android – what the real differences are

Comparing iOS and Android – what the real differences are

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Best free Android apps

Best free Android apps

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Apple iPhone SE Review

Apple iPhone SE Review

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How can investing in VoIP benefit your business?

Those who are not quite familiar with the term should know that VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol and is a type of technology used by many companies nowadays. It allows users to perform calls utilizing the broadband Internet instead of the traditional or analog phone systems. If you own a business, you should definitely consider doing some online research and looking for some Cisco VOIP Phones, but before you do that, it is best you know the great benefits that come with this investment.


They save you money

You should know that VoIP phones are designed to convert sound into some sort of digital voice communication in order to transfer it via Internet broadband. To put it simply, you use the Internet in order to make phone calls. This automatically results in lower costs for your company, because it is a lot cheaper to use the Internet in making phone calls rather than the conventional method, especially when it comes to long-distance and overseas phone calls.

Portability benefits

VoIP system is a lot more convenient and comfortable because it is available all over the world. You are allowed to utilize any broadband connection to log in to the VoIP telephone system and you will immediately get dial tone. Regardless of your location, all you need to make a phone call is good Internet connection. It is worth mentioning that these systems can also be accessed via email or even when you are on the road, travelling.

They are more flexible

Another great benefit that comes with VoIP phones is that they still allow you to utilize your conventional phone. The only condition here is that you have a VoIP telephone adapter or converter attached for the times you want to use the VoIP technology. A VoIP converter for instance looks similar to an USB memory stick and you can plug it onto any computer quite easily. The converter will start to sense signals coming from analog or traditional phones and will convert those signals into digital data in order to be able to route it afterwards over the Internet. Keep in mind that you have to have your computer turned on in order for the phone to work.

It is multi-functional

Many people are of the opinion that these VoIP phones are only used to make phone calls, but they couldn’t be any more wrong. The truth is aside from making calls, you also have the possibility to conduct business videoconferences for example calling through an VoIP phone. You can stay in touch with clients, employees and business partners and discuss important affairs, close deals, or any other activity on your schedule. When you are abroad for attending various important meetings, you can still be in contact with employees or co-workers from your home office via VoIP videoconferences.

As it can be seen, these are the most important reasons why every business owner should take into account investing in VoIP phone technology. By doing some research on the Internet, you can find the best providers on the market that can guarantee you top quality products.

Your employees are overstressed. How can you make their lives in your company more pleasurable?


For a fact we know that all employees are stressed out, must deal with an enormous amount of workload daily, and many of them suffer from the modern age plague, the burn out syndrome. This decreased the levels of productivity inside a company, while the number of off days increases. Of course, this is not an ideal circumstance inside a company. But what could you, as an employer do, in order to make the work life of your employees more pleasurable and bearable? Experts at A1corp claim that investing in intelligent accounting software products for your accounting department will most likely increase your employee’s quality of life. However, below we have some other investments worth considering if you truly care about your employee’s well-being.

1. Intelligent accounting software

Let’s face it, accounting in a company really is the black sheep. Human error is normal, but in accountant’s case, it might be fatal for your company and their careers. Bookkeeping in the old-fashioned way still exists, unfortunately, and endangers your employee’s well-being. Accounting is stressful and a single mistake is not even an option. Also, with multiple fields of accounting, many companies lack proper human resources for dealing with each task effectively.  If you make available for your accounting department automatized software programs for helping them, their tasks will be accomplished in a more efficient and accurate way, with considerably less chances of human error. Also, their deadlines will be met with high levels of accuracy and you will have spotless and errorless financial reports without stressing too much your employees.

2. A relaxation room will give them the chance to be more productive

You know that after lunch feeling, right? The feeling like you could use a twenty minutes nap, just so your food falls into the right place. Or the feeling you get after a stressful task: the feeling that you could use a small chat with one of your colleagues, just to get your mind off these issues. Well, your employees feel the same. And if you want to enable them to unwind from time to time while they are at work, you should implement a relaxation room. A couple of beanbags, some small tables, maybe a soda vending machine, or an espresso maker, they all contribute to the feeling of a relaxed, yet productive workplace.

3. Implement a periodic break schedule

For maintaining proper levels of health and mobility, you must give your employees the occasion to get up off their chairs from time to time and stretch their legs. Given the fact that in the large majority of the time spent at the workplace all employees have to sit in order to accomplish their tasks, by implementing a periodic break schedule you give them the chance to move a little, and maintain healthy joints, muscles and backs. Although “schedule” seems to be something mandatory, encourage them to take hourly breaks. They will thank you at a point.