Comparing iOS and Android – what the real differences are

Comparing iOS and Android – what the real differences are

Lately when a person wants to purchase a new device s/he always has to decide whether to invest in one featuring an Android or iOS. The majority of them do not have More »

Best free Android apps

Best free Android apps

Nowadays people do not use cellphones only to reach to other people; they use them to read their emails, play games, listen to music, write documents and for many other things. The More »

Apple iPhone SE Review

Apple iPhone SE Review

Modern smartphones are mostly about size, reason why for the last couple of years our phones have become bigger and bigger. Smartphones have slowly but surely started to resemble the tablets on More »


Reasons to invest in salon software for your business

Like any other business owner, you sometimes encounter difficulties when it comes to fulfilling all the responsibilities and obligations but you must always find a way to overcome obstacles in order to ensure excellent customer service and profits, among others. Unquestionably, you could use some help and for this reason, you should consider investing in salon software. Of course, you have to keep in mind several aspects including accessibility, support, features, reliability as well as the cost before deciding to make a considerable financial investment. Of course, using salon software will significantly facilitate your mission of running the business smoothly and successfully, not to mention that will help you keep up with the latest innovations in terms of modern technology and give you a more professional vibe. Analyze the current situation of your business and determine what you need the most for ensuring its development on the market and leaving your competitors in the dust.


Features provided by salon software

You may question the necessity of salon software taking into account that you managed to keep a good position in the corporate world so far but the only reason for having this thought is that you are not familiar yet with its benefits. Even though your position on the market is safe, with salon software you have the possibility to climb the highest peak in the beauty industry. The explanation is more than simple. Salon software like client and product management, top-notch security, and appointment scheduling, thus boosting your business’ productivity and implicitly revenue. In terms of client management, it allows you to insert details regarding each of your customers, view the status of their session and contact them by text or email. Furthermore, you can easily track your inventory by introducing the name of a specific item and assessing the stock level, not to mention that you can enter information about your suppliers so you can contact them when in need. When it comes to appointment scheduling, they usually appear in a familiar calendar as “current”, “upcoming” or “completed” so you can send your customers reminders or confirmations regarding their appointments.

Increase customer retention

Probably the most important aspect business owners must permanently keep in mind is client retention. Taking into account the competitiveness in the beauty industry nowadays, people are continuously searching for something better and you have to be able to provide more and more each time when you interact with a current or potential customer. Well, salon software offers you plenty of help in this regard because it allows you to keep record of each client’s hair formulas and preferences. Practically, you will have all these important details readily available every time you need them. In addition, knowing your client’s interest, you can engage in many conversations and display a friendly attitude so you can show him that you care. You do not have to worry about all those information or numbers because salon software ensures maximum safety. In conclusion, you have many reasons and benefits for investing in this breakthrough software.

How can investing in VoIP benefit your business?

Those who are not quite familiar with the term should know that VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol and is a type of technology used by many companies nowadays. It allows users to perform calls utilizing the broadband Internet instead of the traditional or analog phone systems. If you own a business, you should definitely consider doing some online research and looking for some Cisco VOIP Phones, but before you do that, it is best you know the great benefits that come with this investment.


They save you money

You should know that VoIP phones are designed to convert sound into some sort of digital voice communication in order to transfer it via Internet broadband. To put it simply, you use the Internet in order to make phone calls. This automatically results in lower costs for your company, because it is a lot cheaper to use the Internet in making phone calls rather than the conventional method, especially when it comes to long-distance and overseas phone calls.

Portability benefits

VoIP system is a lot more convenient and comfortable because it is available all over the world. You are allowed to utilize any broadband connection to log in to the VoIP telephone system and you will immediately get dial tone. Regardless of your location, all you need to make a phone call is good Internet connection. It is worth mentioning that these systems can also be accessed via email or even when you are on the road, travelling.

They are more flexible

Another great benefit that comes with VoIP phones is that they still allow you to utilize your conventional phone. The only condition here is that you have a VoIP telephone adapter or converter attached for the times you want to use the VoIP technology. A VoIP converter for instance looks similar to an USB memory stick and you can plug it onto any computer quite easily. The converter will start to sense signals coming from analog or traditional phones and will convert those signals into digital data in order to be able to route it afterwards over the Internet. Keep in mind that you have to have your computer turned on in order for the phone to work.

It is multi-functional

Many people are of the opinion that these VoIP phones are only used to make phone calls, but they couldn’t be any more wrong. The truth is aside from making calls, you also have the possibility to conduct business videoconferences for example calling through an VoIP phone. You can stay in touch with clients, employees and business partners and discuss important affairs, close deals, or any other activity on your schedule. When you are abroad for attending various important meetings, you can still be in contact with employees or co-workers from your home office via VoIP videoconferences.

As it can be seen, these are the most important reasons why every business owner should take into account investing in VoIP phone technology. By doing some research on the Internet, you can find the best providers on the market that can guarantee you top quality products.

Your employees are overstressed. How can you make their lives in your company more pleasurable?


For a fact we know that all employees are stressed out, must deal with an enormous amount of workload daily, and many of them suffer from the modern age plague, the burn out syndrome. This decreased the levels of productivity inside a company, while the number of off days increases. Of course, this is not an ideal circumstance inside a company. But what could you, as an employer do, in order to make the work life of your employees more pleasurable and bearable? Experts at A1corp claim that investing in intelligent accounting software products for your accounting department will most likely increase your employee’s quality of life. However, below we have some other investments worth considering if you truly care about your employee’s well-being.

1. Intelligent accounting software

Let’s face it, accounting in a company really is the black sheep. Human error is normal, but in accountant’s case, it might be fatal for your company and their careers. Bookkeeping in the old-fashioned way still exists, unfortunately, and endangers your employee’s well-being. Accounting is stressful and a single mistake is not even an option. Also, with multiple fields of accounting, many companies lack proper human resources for dealing with each task effectively.  If you make available for your accounting department automatized software programs for helping them, their tasks will be accomplished in a more efficient and accurate way, with considerably less chances of human error. Also, their deadlines will be met with high levels of accuracy and you will have spotless and errorless financial reports without stressing too much your employees.

2. A relaxation room will give them the chance to be more productive

You know that after lunch feeling, right? The feeling like you could use a twenty minutes nap, just so your food falls into the right place. Or the feeling you get after a stressful task: the feeling that you could use a small chat with one of your colleagues, just to get your mind off these issues. Well, your employees feel the same. And if you want to enable them to unwind from time to time while they are at work, you should implement a relaxation room. A couple of beanbags, some small tables, maybe a soda vending machine, or an espresso maker, they all contribute to the feeling of a relaxed, yet productive workplace.

3. Implement a periodic break schedule

For maintaining proper levels of health and mobility, you must give your employees the occasion to get up off their chairs from time to time and stretch their legs. Given the fact that in the large majority of the time spent at the workplace all employees have to sit in order to accomplish their tasks, by implementing a periodic break schedule you give them the chance to move a little, and maintain healthy joints, muscles and backs. Although “schedule” seems to be something mandatory, encourage them to take hourly breaks. They will thank you at a point.

The ins and outs of appointment scheduling apps

If you have been in the beauty industry for a long time, and recently have become a salon owner yourself, you have probably heard about the popular appointment scheduling apps that have appeared on the market. Well, if you want to keep up with the trends, and learn more on the topic, then receiving the answers to a few basic questions about the hair salon appointment app, will probably help you out:


What can they do for business?

The first question that salon owners ask is what can such an app do for their business. Well, first of all, the software will make appointment booking much easier and convenient, allowing you to add new appointments extremely fast, and on any device connected to the internet. Whether you are at the salon, eating dinner at a restaurant, or watching a movie on TV, you can take in calls and write down appointments, without needing to carry a heavy notebook with you, everywhere you go.

Where can you find one?

Finding and installing appointment software could not be easier – all you have to do is go online, and search for one. After typing hair salon appointment software, you will be presented with a long list of options, and if you know what you are looking for, you can install the app quickly and start using it immediately.

What features should you look for?

Besides the obvious appointment booking feature, there are other great things that this type of app can do for you. Helping you keep track of your inventory, allowing you to send reminders to clients, and even keep record of your client’s preferences in terms of haircuts and products. However, in order to benefit from all of these great features, you need to select the right application. As it is said above, you will find many options just by searching on the internet, but make sure to look for these features, in order to get the best option for you money.

Is the price worth it?

One last question you probably have is if it really is worth it to pay money for an app of this kind, Well, even if you might believe the traditional appointment book works just perfectly for you, only by starting to use the software yourself can you notice the great benefits that it has to offer. You can discuss with other hair salon owners who use this type of appointment scheduling system, and they will also tell you that the app is worth every penny, considering how much it can boost work productivity.

As you can see, there are a few things you should know about appointment scheduling technology, and perhaps these details will determine you to give this option a try for yourself. Well, if the topic has indeed caught your interest, all you have to do is go online and search for the best offer. You can install the software on any device in less than a few minutes, and then you are free to discover what it can do for you.

Step by step guide to buying an affordable laptop

You might think that buying a cheap laptop should be an easy task, because there are not so many second hand laptops on sale, but when looking on a specialised website, you would notice that there are dozens of models listed. Moreover, when looking on an online store, you might find difficult to understand which one is the right one for you, because there are so many details listed, you might find difficult to find the ones that interest you. Also, there are few providers which offer great laptop deals, so you have to be sure that you purchase from these companies. If you have a low budget, and you want to be sure that you would not be scammed, you have to buy from a website which has positive reviews online, because you are sure that even the items are cheap, they are quality ones. Here is a step-by-step guide on what steps you have to follow when buying a cheap laptop.


Be ready to make compromises

When you decide to opt for a used laptop, you are aware that some of its features might not be exactly as the ones you would find on a new one, but you have to decide which one of them you are able to delete from your list. The first step in finding a laptop is to set your expectations, because the laptops you would find are fast, but not as fast as new ones, and they would probably experience battery issues. Therefore, you have to know what features are important for you, and the other ones would come as an extra.

Decide upon the manufacturer

When deciding to buy a laptop, you have to know exactly what manufacturer you prefer, because every one of them provides specific characteristics. You might have a favourite brand, or you might think that certain ones are working better than the others are. Make a list with two or three manufacturers, and browse the results according to them, if you want to end your search successfully. In addition, when knowing what manufacturer you prefer, you have the possibility to narrow the search by viewing only the models that are within your budget.

Choose a reliable provider

The provider you choose to buy from is as important as the selection of the laptop, because if the provider is a reliable one, the laptops would be functional, and you can be sure that you would not experience any issue with them, even if they are cheap. The first thing you have to do when looking for a provider is to ask your friends if they have bought an used laptop lately, because they could share with you some information about the companies which offer these products. Also, you have to look at the reviews left by the other customers, to see if they have any issues with the items bought from a certain firm, and if they are contempt with the buying experience. Following these steps, you would buy a quality and affordable laptop.

Why you should consider user testing your digital products

Developing a product that meets all the customer’s needs can be difficult, so it is important for you to spot possible flaws in your product even from prototyping. Oftentimes, only when the product reaches the market and customers start pointing flaws to you, you become aware of them. Nowadays, some enterprises have specialized in testing prototypes of various products by potential uses in what we call online user testing. Potential users have to report any problems they might encounter in real life scenarios while using your services or items. Below are some benefits of using user testing services.


1. The enterprise will find adequate users for your products

Regardless the nature of your products (application, website, or any other digital products), the company is going to find proper users according to product’s target audience. For example, if your product is a medical application, it is likely to have it tested by patients or medical personnel. Fixing problems from the beginning will provide a better experience for customers and give some advantages in front of your competitors, as well as helping you create a strong brand name. A good experience with your products or services will increase your customer’s loyalty.

2. It is cheaper to prevent than it is to fix problems

It is good to have customer support team to help customers with possible problems they might have with your application. However, no customer is happy to encounter problems that need such services. The ideal scenario is to provide good quality and user-friendly products. Not to mention the fact that a customer support team can be very expensive. From the special devices to salaries, all are expenses that can be prevented. An user testing company will properly signal any flaws of your products. Furthermore, you can receive suggestions to make your website or application user-friendly and will help you save a lot of time and money.

3. User testing will make you aware of your customers’ needs

Customers are flexible and their needs are continuously changing. In order for you to meet their needs, such companies will help you to become more aware of them and adapt your products in a proper manner. Also, you can seek for this kind of services before developing an application or building a website. This way you will be able to save a lot of money.

Have in mind those aspects before developing a digital product. This way you can make you your products is a useful one, easy to use and flaw-free. Regardless of the field you activate in, we assure there is a solution for you. After all, we all know in business clients are the key for success and being aware of their needs and desire is a way to guarantee their loyalty and recommendations. Increase your company’s efficiency by preventing problems instead of trying to fix them and seek professional user testing assistance. This way you will save precious time and money.

Keeping data secure on the cloud – advice from the experts

In the past years, the number of people who decided to back up their data on cloud has significantly increased and it still continues to increase. Businesspersons have understood the many benefits that come with using cloud storage software for keeping their data not only secure, but also to take it everywhere with them and access it from any device that has internet connection. Those who are interested in a company that provides cloud storage services should start their online research with websites such as Here are some useful tips to help them keep their data secure on the cloud.

Sensitive data should not be stored on cloud

Many people are on the opinion that storing data on cloud is not a good idea, especially with all the hackers doing their “thing” around the internet. However, this is similar to someone telling you that you should not have a house because you might get it burned down. Cloud storage software is definitely a great solution to any businessperson who travels a lot and needs to have access to their data regardless their location at that moment. It is recommended though that you avoid storing sensitive information about yourself or your company on the cloud, so make sure you keep this in mind when uploading your data on a cloud.

Passwords are “the key”

When uploading your data on the cloud, you must think of a very strong password for your account, so make sure it contains numbers, symbols or other elements that make it impossible to crack. It is scientifically proven that more than 80% of all passwords can be cracked in a matter of seconds, so having a very strong password is the key to keeping your data secure and away from hackers.


Experts agree that up until now, encryption has proven to be the best method to protect data on cloud. Before moving your files to a cloud, you should use specific software that helps you create passwords for those files. It is only after making this step that you should upload your files on the cloud, because this way you can be sure that no one can read those files without knowing the password. There are numerous programs available on the internet that you can use to encrypt your files, so do some detailed research and select the one that best matches your needs.

Encrypted cloud service

It is worth mentioning that there are some cloud services that provide local encryption and decryption of files, besides the backup and storage services. This means that you do not have to waste time searching for an encryption program, since the cloud will take care of this for you. All you have to do in this situation is to look for the right cloud storage software on the internet that also provides this type of service.

Overall, these are some useful tips that experts provide to those who are interested in uploading their data on such clouds on the internet.

3 reasons why you should hire a professional SEO consultant

At present, any company wants to find success online and enjoy the many benefits that the Internet has to offer. This is the reason why search engine optimisation is of the utmost importance. SEO makes it easy for your website to be seen by search engines. Search engines are very sophisticated, which mean that they make use of technical parameters and algorithms when they rank and display your company in the search results. Studying and monitoring the dynamic search engine requires a great amount of time, time which your company does not have. If you fail to rank on the first or even on the second page of the search results, it is time to hire a SEO marketing consultant. How do you know if you should hire a SEO consultant? Below are three good reasons why you should let search engine optimisation to a professional.

SEO involves knowledge

While SEO does not involve magic, but it does involve a great deal of knowledge. As a company manager and website owner, you may be able to understand the basics of search engine optimisation, but this will not help you rank higher in search results. Building a long term organic website visitors is a great challenge, particularly one that you should not undertake on your own. If you want to stand a chance at ranking higher in the search results, you should hire an experienced search engine optimisation professional. He will know exactly what to do in order to make your website appear at the top of the search results. An experienced search engine optimisation consultant will have tried dozens of techniques and approaches for promoting websites online, so you can rest assured that he will be able to improve your website’s visibility.

A SEO consultant saves you time and money

When running a business, whether online or offline, you will be pressed for time. SEO is an ongoing activity, which means that an effective plan cannot created in only one day. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort, so you will not have time anymore for managing your business. If you need additional time to concentrate on the main activities of your business, you should hire a search engine optimisation consultant. He will be able to relieve you of the time spent generating leads. In the business world, time is money and you should better spend your time on activities which are more important for your business.

Rising above the economic times

Taking into consideration that customers are not willing to spend their money just about anywhere, you should make sure that your online page is visible. What is definite about a search engine optimisation expert is the fact that he is capable of speeding up marketing activities, so you can expect to see results in the near future. Consultants implement programs that are so aggressive that you will get the results that you want in the least amount of time. While this will not actually happen in the next six months, you can expect to see visible results within a year.

Three gadgets to offer your brother as a birthday gift


If you have a brother, you probably agree to the fact that you just cannot think of anything right to offer him every year when his birthday approaches. You want to stand out from the crowd and give him something he will definitely appreciate and find it useful. One great idea would be to buy him a metal detector. In case you are interested in learning more about these products, you should read some reliable and detailed reviews on websites such as Here are three great gadgets you could offer your brother as a birthday gift this year.

A metal detector

One interesting tech gift idea is metal detectors. If you have seen at least one of the famous Indiana Jones movies when you and your brother were little, it is for sure that you have been amazed by the treasures they were finding in caves or different locations. A metal detector is a great gadget to offer as a gift, especially if your brother is a more adventurous type of person. Looking for old coins, jewelries or other valuable items on the beach and in other locations perfect for treasure hunting is a great activity any Indiana Jones fan would want to experience at least once in a lifetime.

A levitating speaker

Another great gift idea is to offer your brother a levitating speaker. There are numerous reasons why investing money in such a speaker is a great thing and one of them is its design. It is for sure that having a floating ball on your desk at which you can actually listen to music is something any aficionado for technology would want. It is worth mentioning that there is a wide variety of levitating speakers available on the market, with different colors, designs and patterns, so you do not have to worry that you will not find one to match your brother’s interests. For the record, you can even opt for a Star Wars themed levitating speaker if you want. What other better gift to offer to someone who is a fan of one of the most popular film series in the world and at the same time likes to listen to music a lot.

A drone with a camera

If your brother is into photography and filming and likes to have the latest gadgets in this domain, a drone that also comes with a camera is the perfect gift for him. Whether he is a professional or only an amateur as far as photography and filming are concerned, it is for sure he wanted at least once to take that perfect shot from high above. With the aid of a drone, his dream would definitely come true.

As you can see, these are three great tech gift ideas you should definitely take into consideration if you have no idea what to offer your brother as a birthday gift this year. No matter what you choose, it is for sure he will appreciate it. Make sure you read some detailed reviews before resorting to a specific item.

Comparing iOS and Android – what the real differences are

Lately when a person wants to purchase a new device s/he always has to decide whether to invest in one featuring an Android or iOS. The majority of them do not have a reason for choosing a certain type of device, because they do not know which the main differences between them are. Therefore they listen to a friend’s advice, or buy the device that looks better according to their tastes. In the majority of cases, if you ask an inexperienced person which system is better, s/he would probably tell you to buy the device which features the operating system s/he uses. In this article you will find what the real differences between an iOS and Android are, if there are any differences at all.